Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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A Three-year-Old Daughter And Mother To Take Care Of, Acid Attack Survivor Lakshmi’s Life Is Far From Happy



Known to be the face and the voice of acid attack victims, the story of Acid-attack-survivor Lakshmi Agarwal is far from a happy and peaceful. Mother of a three-year-old daughter, thirty-year-old Lakshmi finds it extremely tough to meet the ends meet.

Separated from her husband a few years ago, Laxmi doesn’t have a steady source of Income. Moreover, owing to her disfigured face or the fact that she is an activist; the acid attack survivor literally has to battle it out to find an accommodation in this cruel world.

“I have been searching for a house for the past one month but everyone turned me down. While some are scared of my disfigured face, others don’t like it that I’m an activist.” Lakshmi told Scoopwhoop.


Heart-broken and dejected, Lakshmi was deprived of job offers from companies.

“I approached many companies for a job, but none of them was ready to give me work because of my face.”  

A girl who was turned down by the society was left with one last hope in the form of social media. She, at last, took to social media to narrate her story.

Lakshmi is quite a popular figure on social media and is also one the best motivational speakers of India. However, despite all the events she attends, the activist isn’t provided with anything barring her commute expenses and all the accolades.

“People call me to various events and functions but they only pay for the commute and nothing else. Some even tell me that ‘you’re an activist, why should we pay you?”


Listening to her ordeal, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar recently sent Rs.5 lakh into her account to make sure she meets her daily needs, provided that she looks for a job with dignity without caring much about her daily expenses.

“My contribution is a very small gesture. I am embarrassed to even mention it. The idea is that Laxmi should be able to search for a job with dignity, without having to worry about paying house rent or stressing about not being able to provide a nutritious meal to her baby.” Akshay told Times now.

 He further added, “I wish people realize that when a person is in need of livelihood, medals, awards and certificates don’t pay the bills. It’s important to support through practical means as well.”


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