Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Delhi University Likely To Start a Degree Course on Entrepreneurship From Next Year



The standing committee of faculty members of Delhi University has sent a proposal to the academic council to start an entrepreneurship program in colleges of Delhi University.  The proposal demands a three-year degree course on entrepreneurship to supply students with all the skills and knowledge to run a business enterprise. The course will perhaps run under the faculty of applied social sciences and humanities.

The State and Centre Government have also been continuously making efforts to give students a deeper understanding of skill development and entrepreneurship to students. Currently, There are seven universities that offer BBA (entrepreneurship) degree program in India and various other institutions offering diploma course for the same as well.

Anyone who wishes to seek admission in the entrepreneurship program will have to pass through three stages i.e.., entrance test, group discussion, and personal interview.  The Entrance test is designed to test the reasoning and quantitative aptitude.


The faculty people state that the course is formulated for those who wish to set up their own enterprise some day. Apparently, the proposal was made to the educational council by the principal of Shaheed Sukhdev College, Poonam Verma, who compelled the officials to equip students with all the skills needed to start their own enterprises. According to the principal, if the council approves the proposal, then Shaheed Sukhdev would likely to be the first college to begin the entrepreneurship course.

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