Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Five Must-Read Success Mantras By World’s Richest Man, Jeff Bezos



One of the biggest technology tycoons in the world, Jeff Bezos was thirty years old when he left his job at Wall Street, to start his own company called Amazon. What started as a small .com business is now the biggest E-commerce company in the world. On his journey to become the world’s richest man, two things that always stood out was his never-give-up attitude and stubborn mindset.

Today, we all aspire to become billionaires and live a luxurious lifestyle. However, we are still not aware of what mantra’s these entrepreneurs follow to make their vision a reality. Thus, we have listed out the some of the success mantras of the Jeff Bezos that helped him become the world’s richest man today. 

  1. Have no regrets


Amazon founder always believed in a regret minimization framework. He urges people to live a regret-free life, not giving up on things that you always want to do and end up regretting not having taken the chance. Do what tells your heart and learn to accept your failures. 

  1. Follow your heart not your head


While a majority of you would argue that but Jeff believes that decision which comes from your heart gives bigger rewards than your mind. “Many Many kids and many Grown-ups do figure out over time what their passions are. Sometimes we let our intellectual selves overrule those passions. And that’s what needs to be guarded against.

  1. Pick a good name:


Whenever you are planning to launch your own company, be it any -offline or online, the name of the company gives a lasting impression on your customers. Jeff’s company name was initially called Kadabra, which was later renamed as Amazon.

  1. Focus on the Customer


Amazon’s first focus has always been the customer. Jeff always believes in putting the customer first, providing them with everything with what a customer demands. Creating a positive experience for the customer can add value to a company which will also help in differentiating your company from others who do not offer the same experience.

  1. Follow your Passion:


“My advice to anyone would be to make sure you are focused on the something you are passionate about. Pick something that you feel is interesting and then just stay right there and let the wave catches you.”         

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