Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Four Major Techniques to Help Sharpen Your Mind at Any Age


Losing memory as we age is not something we haven’t heard of. We often tend to forget the things we keep like keys, books etc. Sometimes, we forget the names of the person who we meet. However, memory loss is not a sign of aging, it can actually occur at any age. It’s not a sign of dementia or loss of intellectual function. Rather, memory problems occur due to organic disorders, brain injury or neurological illness.

These problems lead to many changes in the functioning of our brain. Perhaps, it hampers our ability to learn new things and also becomes difficult to sideline all the distractions that come our way while learning something new. However, there are lots of techniques which are designed to overcome such problems and help us sharpen our minds. Below is a list of four powerful techniques to sharpen our minds and make our memory stronger:

  1. Keep learning something new:

Research has shown that learning new things makes our mind active and helps in performing tasks more efficiently. When we learn something we tend to activate our brain cells thus keeping us mentally active. Don’t sit idle. Always learn something new. Play chess. Solve puzzles etc.  Keep yourself busy and productive no matter how old you are.

  1. Believing yourself

Being a pessimist always leads you to the wrong road. Believing in the all the false notion about memory loss and aging can hamper your brain cells, thus leading to memory loss. One needs to believe that getting older doesn’t have to do anything with memory loss. You will be less likely to worsen your brain cells if you believe that you are in control of everything and your brain is sharp enough to memorize everything.

  1. Use all your senses

Researchers have proved that using all the senses actively while performing or learning any task helps sharpen our minds. The more you try to use your senses in performing an action, the more of your brain will be able to retain the memory. Always try to delegate tasks to all your senses. For example, try to guess the ingredients as you smell and taste a new restaurant dish.

  1. Exercise:

Performing some kind of physical activity is unarguably the foremost remedy for all the problems related to body and mind. No matter how busy we are in our daily lives, we must involve ourselves in some of the other physical activities for at least half an hour in a day. Playing any sport, exercising or engaging ourselves in Yoga practices refreshes our mind and thus improves memory.


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