Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Here’s Why You Need to Switch from Dairy Milk to Almond Milk


Considering the rising dairy sensitivity in people and fondness towards veganism, a lot of them have stopped consuming dairy products. However, it is important to consume food items that provide all the required nutrients and vitamins to your body. Thus, people have now started consuming Almond Milk which works as a great alternative to dairy milk.

There are various kinds of milk that are available in the market such as full fat, low fat, no fat, skimmed fat, soy, rice, oat, coconut etc. However, almond milk in recent times has become increasingly popular. And if you are still unaware about the properties of this low-fat milk, we have listed down some of its benefits to make you realize why you need to switch from dairy milk to Almond:

  1. Low-calorie value


While consuming the regular full-fat milk will give you ample amount of calories, the Almond milk contains a very low-calorie value. For those who are looking to lose weight while getting all the nutrients and vitamins into your body, almond milk proves to be the first choice. Perhaps, a glass of almond milk contains forty percent fewer calories than that of dairy milk.

  1. Lactose-free


While a considerable amount of people are allergic to gluten infused products, some are found to be lactose intolerant. Almond milk comes with lactose, gluten, and soy free properties and thus suitable for everyone to consume. Almond milk which is a popular source of milk in the US is also available in most of the parts of the country.

  1. Cholesterol free


What if we tell you that Almond milk comes with no cholesterol with very low amount calories? Yes, you read it right. Apart from having gluten-free properties and low-calorie value, Almond milk is apt for those who are battling with high cholesterol level. You can make the milk even at your home by blending almonds with water and then straining the mixture to remove the solids.

  1. High In Nutrients


Almond Milk is infused with a lot of nutrients like Vitamin A, B, B12, and D. Calcium present in almond milk helps in strengthening the bones. Most of the celebrities in India drink Almond milk instead of dairy milk, which is slowly losing its place in the market.

Some other benefits include rich in Vitamin D, low risk of heart disease, easy to make properties and many more.

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