Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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This 23-Year-Old Hijab-Wearing Girl Is Stealing All The Headlines. Tap To Find Out How



A girl who hails from an unheard village in Kerala, known as Orkatteri in Kozhikode district is stealing all the headlines lately. The 23-year-old Majiziya Bhanu has become the first Hijab-wearing women who won the Mr.Kerala title in the women’s category.

“It is only after their names are announced that one realizes that the contestant is a Muslim,” she said. “I feel proud to wear the hijab, which is a part of my identity. It does not limit me in any way but gives me dignity and strength.”


While continuing her studies as a BDS student from “Mahe Institute of Dental Sciences”, the 23-year-old bodybuilder used to travel to a gymnasium in Kozhikode to follow her passion for Bodybuilding, as her village was devoid of such facilities,

“I used to return around 9 pm. Initially, it was tough, but I slowly gained the confidence to travel alone and, eventually, it became a part of my routine,” said the final year dental student


The 23- year old Majiziya’s believes that nothing is impossible if you have a burning desire for something. While, initially, it was perhaps tough for her to perform the sets in the Gym in a Hijab, but, soon things started falling in place and Ms. Bhanu went on to become the first bodybuilder who wears a Hijab to achieve the feat.

Hailing from a very orthodox village, Majiziya’s parents always supported her throughout her journey to bag Mr. Kerala title.
“I hail from a very orthodox village here and my parents agreed to let me pursue my passion of bodybuilding.”


Perhaps, the bodybuilder has been selected thrice as the strongest women of Kerala by State Powerlifting Association of Kerala.

“In the initial days, men used to stare at me as I had my Hijab on. But soon they realized that I was as serious as them in my workouts. Then all the eyes disappeared,” Ms. Bhanu told IANS.


Currently, along with pursuing her final year in college, Majiziya is preparing hard for World Arm Wrestling Championship which is going to be held in next month. The power-lifter aspires to open a multi-disciplinary academy which includes different sports activities such as martial arts, powerlifting, arm-wrestling and bodybuilding.

“Once I finish my studies, then I will pursue my dream of setting up an academy which will be a multi-disciplinary one, including martial arts, powerlifting, arm-wrestling and bodybuilding. It would give special importance to girls. I am sure I will be able to pursue my passion and wish to empower women,” she added with confidence.

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