Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Visit These Beautiful Countries Where You Can Spend Money Like A King


Traveling abroad has always been no less than a dream for most of us. For all the 9-5 hustlers, exploring some of the most popular countries is perhaps a nightmare, given the value of the currency in such countries is so high than our Indian Rupee. However, the world is filled with so many beautiful places which are still to be discovered. There are many countries around the globe which are comparatively cheaper and more beautiful than most others, which not much people even talks about.  Thus, we list out some of some of the most beautiful countries where the currency value is much lesser than Indian Rupee, and you can certainly spend money like a King:

  1. Iceland: Rs 1 equals to 1.53 Icelandic Krona :


With a population of just 3,48,789 people, Iceland is known as an island with an abundance of ice and fire. In fact, the glaciers in this country concentrated for about 11 percent of the land of Iceland. Unarguably, visiting Iceland is an unforgettable experience for you. Located about 180 kilometers from the Capital Renisfjara, The Black Sand beach is one of the most unique and beautiful beaches of all time. Other major attractions include going down Ice caves, spotting the Aurora Borealis, enjoying the nightlife.

  1. Hungary: Rs 1= 4.03 Hungarian Forint



A population of around 10 million, Hungary is one of the cheapest countries where you can literally spend your heart out. From gorging amazing food to visiting impeccable destinations to exploring amazing heritage, Hungary offers you everything to make your trip fruitful. Their capital Budapest houses various attractions such as jovial leafy parks, renowned museums, an extensive Medieval Castle District and a thriving nightlife etc.

  1. Nepal: 1 rupee = 1. 60 Nepalese Rupee


While most of us know that Nepal is our neighboring country, not many people are aware of its travel-friendly destinations. Filled with a lot of amazing temples such as Pashupatinath and Boudhanath, Nepal is not just famous for its momos only. The birthplace of Lord Buddha is also situated at Lumbini, Nepal.

  1. Vietnam: 1 rupee= 338.35 Dong

One of the cheapest countries on the planet, Vietnam is an ideal country to spend like a king. What if we tell you that you can have accommodation, Alcohol, transportation, all under 2k for a day? Yes, that’s how cheap Vietnam is. One of the fascinating places, The Hang Son Doong is the largest cave in the world.  The Hang Son Doong along with Ha long Bay, Chu Chi tunnels are some of the must visit places.

  1. Paraguay:


Located in Central America, Paraguay is one of those hidden gems which not much people talk about.  Paraguay is also listed as the cheapest countries in the world. Paraguay serves the cheapest beer along with other delicious food. Major attractions include Itaipu Dam, Triple Frontier, and National Pantheon of the Heroes to name a few.



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